Garage door opener: A hassle-free approach

A garage door opener is no longer a new concept for the majority of the households. It is an automated way to open your garage door. It functions with the help of a torsion spring applying torque, which in turn applies torque to door resulting it to close or open. With the advent of technology lot of variants for this have been invented, which include chain, screw, belt, direct, jackshaft etc. each being the means by which the shaft pulls or pushes the garage door to eventually close or open it.

Advantages of a garage door opener

  • Convenience is the key to the success of garage door openers. With these installed all the owner needs to worry about if to move in and out the garage, trouble of closing and opening is taken care of.
  • With these installed, safety and security of your possessions are rest assured.
  • Once it is installed properly, it would not require a frequent maintenance.
  • Despite the advantages, these have been extremely affordable.
  • Accuracy and precision are two keys for garage door openers. They perform the task at hand in real time.
  • They also come with a reversing mechanism, which would make the door pull up even when closing in the presence of an object in its path.

Garage Door Opener

Common garage door opener repairs

Like any other device, a garage door opener is vulnerable to certain failures. Some of the usual garage door opener repairs include,
  • The transmitter, which is responsible for the torque generation, might have run out of battery.
  • If not installed properly, garage door alignment could be out of place.
  • The transmitters, in turn, might have been calibrated faulty or could be entirely defective.
  • The springs that attach to the garage door and shaft might break due to traction.
  • The limits settings, which tell the door how far to move before completely closing or opening might be set to a wrong value.
  • Cables connecting the tension springs and door trolley might be broken.

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